A unique 360° service

Thanks to the interconnections within the group, Fashion Manufacture regularly collaborates with Fabric Solutions in the context of co-contracting.

In this way, Fashion Manufacture is able to manufacture a finished product in China or Bulgaria using Fabric Solutions materials and French supplies, all delivered in multiple currencies and with multiple incoterms.

In the same way, Fashion Manufacture can respond to the different industrial and CSR policies of our clients with agility, producing the same model in China and Bulgaria.

The Fashion Manufacture teams are in a dynamic and agile mode to support your development.

A growth accelerator

Demonstrating reliability and flexibility, Fashion Manufacture has been able to grow and evolve with our clients whether for wholesale, retail or digital distribution.

With our integrated workshops and laboratories in China and Bulgaria, the group can quickly set up a back office dedicated to the integration of a new account.

In this way, Fashion Manufacture’s clients can completely outsource these services in order to concentrate on their ambitions.


Our Fashion Manufacture teams will travel with you on your journey, from material development to product delivery (finished product, CMT product or outsourced), in China or in Bulgaria.

At Pelintex, you are assisted by organized teams of specialists who are experts in their trades and know how to evolve according to the requirements.

With a passion for detail, our teams deliver a unique standard of service based on a relationship with the client relying on trust.