Thanks to interconnections across the Group, Fashion Manufacture collaborates on a regular basis with Fabric Solutions in the production process.

This enables Fashion Manufacture to turn up a finished product in China or Bulgaria using a fabric designed by Fabric Solutions and French accessories, delivered on a multi-currency and multi-incoterms basis.

In the same way, Fashion Manufacture can respond with agility to our customers’ various industrial and CSR policies, the same model being produced in China and in Bulgaria.

Fashion Manufacture teams work in a dynamic and agile mode to support your development.


Reliable and flexible, Fashion Manufacture has been able to grow and evolve with its clients, whether wholesalers, retailers or brands online.

Focusing on flexible and very reactive structures, thanks to our in-house workshops and laboratories in both China and Bulgaria, the Group has the capacity to promptly create a back-office structure dedicated to the integration of a new client.

This means that Fashion Manufacture’s customers can totally externalize those services and concentrate on their ambitions.


Our Fashion Manufacture teams will travel with you on your journey, from material development to product delivery (finished product, CMT product or outsourced), in China or in Bulgaria.

At Pelintex, you are assisted by organized teams of specialists who are experts in their trades and know how to evolve according to the requirements.

With a passion for detail, our teams deliver a unique standard of service based on a relationship with the client relying on trust.